About us

Over the decades, Rahimafrooz has grown in size, scale, and diversity. The Group today has eight operating companies (SBUs), a few other business ventures, and a not for profit social enterprise. As of 2016, the Group currently employs more than three thousand five hundred people directly and a further fifty thousand indirectly as suppliers contractors, dealers and retailers. Rahimafrooz operates in four broad segments – Storage Power, Automotive & Electronics, Energy and Retail.

We have strengthened our market leadership at home while reaching out to international markets. Ranging from automotive after market products, energy and power solutions, to a world class retail chain – the team at Rahimafrooz is committed to ensuring the best in quality standards and living the Group’s five core values – Integrity, Excellence, Customer Delight , Innovation and Inspiring People.

Rahimafrooz has been a partner in the development journey of this nation for more than sixty years now. We set ourselves the highest standards in responsible corporate behaviour and our passion for success is aligned with the development of the country. We are committed to playing a leading role in driving growth, prosperity, ethical values and social responsibility. We continue to serve our customers through unparalleled quality excellence and service superiority. Our business success has been complemented by our commitment to the environment, society and community.

At Rahimafrooz, We are – ‘enriching lives with your trust’!

Rahimafrooz Distribution Ltd. (RDL), Trade License : 161868,  is the distribution wing of the Group, having a present nationwide distribution network of 172 Dealers, 263 Retailers and 102 Lubricant Dealers and carrying over ten national and international brands. It is the clear leader in the automotive aftermarket and emergency power products categories.

RDL’s portfolio includes international tyre brands Dunlop and Apollo and battery brands Globatt, Lucas and Spark. RDL is the exclusive franchisee of the world’s leading lubricant brand KENNOL. Through Rahimafrooz IPS, UPS and Voltage Stabiliser, the company enjoys clear leadership of the emergency power products market. In addition, it also runs eight automobile service centres in Dhaka and Chittagong


Automotive Batteries for small and light vehicles.

Automotive Batteries for Large, Commercial Vehicles and marine vessels Automotive Batteries for Taxis and Cabs.


RDL has been the sole distributor of Dunlop Tyres in Bangladesh since 1978 and offers a wide range of tyres for various types of automobiles. Recently the company gained exclusive distributorship rights for Apollo Tyres Ltd. in Bangladesh. Apollo is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India.



RDL is the exclusive distributor of KENNOL in Bangladesh, being sourced from France. KENNOL is ranked amongst the 15 most popular lubricant brands across the world. The brand is all about passion, racing, performance and people. KENNOL has a wide range of product in all the segments of automotive and Industrial sector.

Rahimafrooz IPS

Rahimafrooz IPS is the ideal power back-up system for continuous power supply during electricity failure. In addition to the stylish new looks and distinct product features, Rahimafrooz IPS incorporates the latest inverter technology and a built-in microprocessor based control unit that continuously monitors and controls the automatic functions of the IPS. Rahimafrooz IPS is designed to meet emergency power requirements for home and office appliances like tube light, fan, television, refrigerator, A/C, microwave, fax, PABX, energy saving lamp, etc. and can be plugged in directly with the main electric supply. Rahimafrooz has introduced a new range of 18-month warranty system “Rahimafrooz IPS Plus”. The available models for the 18-month warranty system are 350 VA, 400 VA and 600 VA capacity Stock Keeping Unit parallel to 12 month warranty system for all ranges.

Rahimafrooz UPS

Rahimafrooz UPS is a highly reliable power stabiliser with backup system. The new sleek looking Rahimafrooz UPS comes with a built-in AVR that allows wide input voltage range with optional DB-9 port.


• Built-in stabilizer

• Built-in AVR for wide voltage range

• Overload & short circuit protection

• 150V~275V AC input

• Surge, spike and modem protection

• Deep discharge protection

• Special auto-saving & shutdown software exclusively with 600 VA

• DB-9 port (Optional)

Auto Service

Auto Service is another window for Rahimafrooz Sales and Service Center (RSSC) where we provide basic services for a vehicle including pre-purchase analysis, wheel balancing, alighment, ATF changing, suspension testing, scanning, break servicing, oil/filter/plug etc changing for all private car, microbus and SUV/Jeep/Prado/Pajero etc.

Each outlet/service center has it’s own Auto Service area and the area is well equipped with all the necessary tools and machines for the above shaid service.

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